17 Extravagant Ways Big Brands Promoted Themselves At SXSW

Photo: neomusicstore via flickr

South by Southwest isn’t only a great platform for startups. Brands that want to interact with tech influencers made themselves present in big ways around Austin.From pop-up skate parks to hosting a live Jay-Z concert, here’s how brands went big at SXSW.

Nike pushed NikeFuel and set up a mini skate park. It also had basketball hoops and goals for athletes looking to enjoy the warm weather.

American Express sponsored a live Jay-Z concert.

Pepsi bought the entire convention centre for all of SXSW. Normally it's a Coke building. Pepsi had all Coke vending machines removed and replaced with their soft drinks.

Turner had a lounge for hung over people.

Chevy had free rides driving around Austin that could be hailed like cabs.

Fast Company had a tented grill set up at a bar.

Samsung took the pulse of all of the parties going on during SXSW

It also had charging stations set up throughout the convention centre. AT&T had lockers for storing personal items (on the left)

HBO sponsored free bike rentals

AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon's mobile wallet solution Isis had a big display in the convention centre.

CNN rented out a bar and grill where interviews were conducted and guests could lounge

Windows had a lounge with cupcakes and couches to promote its phone.

GE set up an area where people could play with new technology like 3D printers. It also partnered with Foursquare on a Social Fridge. When 10 users checked in, free beer was unlocked.

HGTV encouraged passersby to paint on a wall.

eBay set up shop alongside startups in the convention showcase arena.

Pandora set up a Discovery Den.

Now see how startups promoted themselves at SXSW:

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