A Rookie QB For The Cleveland Browns Had One Of The Worst Statistical Games In NFL History

Brandon Weeden Cleveland Browns 2012 NFL Draft

Photo: YouTube

Eagles-Browns was easily the worst-played NFL game this week.The Eagles won 17-16. But Mike Vick threw 4 INTs, and needed 56 pass attempts to get the 317 yards. The Eagles also fumbled once and racked up 112 penalty yards.

The Browns were equally as bad. And unfortunately a lot of that had to do with rookie QB Brandon Weeden.

Here is Weeden’s stat line: 12/35 for 118 yards, 4 INTs, and a passer rating of 5.1.

Since 1990, there has only been one other QB who had that low of a passer rating, four picks, and at least 20 pass attempts in a game.

Since 1960, there has only been 21 such performances total.

This doesn’t mean Weeden is doomed for failure. Warren Moon once had a passer rating of 0.0 in a game.

But is was a disastrous debut for Weeden, and Cleveland has to be worried that they used a high draft pick on a guy who isn’t a bona fide starter.

There was a lot of this today:

brandon weeden gif

Photo: FOX

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