Microsoft Explains How It Plans To Help Make Windows Phone 7 Developers A Lot Of Money

Brandon Watson, Microsoft

Photo: Microsoft

BARCELONA — Microsoft’s new partnership with Nokia for smartphones running Windows Phone 7 gives the platform a lot of potential that it didn’t really have before the deal.One of the winners in the deal, therefore, is Microsoft exec Brandon Watson, who works on the Windows Phone 7 developer program. With the potential of more devices in the market — and therefore more app sales and ad revenue for Windows Phone developers — Watson has an easier sell to developers. But still, it’s going to take a lot of work to make Windows Phone 7 a winner in the market.

Watson says that one of his goals, of course, is to make developers a lot of money. In this conversation we had at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, he explains how Microsoft plans to help developers do that, ranging from hooking them up with special app placement through handset makers to helping them market their apps on Bing.

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