Brandin Cooks leaves Super Bowl after a brutal and scary-looking hit to his head


  • New England Patriots wide receiver Brandin Cooks went down after a scary, blindside hit from the Philadelphia Eagles’ Malcolm Jenkins.
  • Cooks was on the ground and motionless but later got up and left the game.
  • Losing Cooks would be difficult for the Patriots, who would be without their best deep threat.

The second quarter of the Super Bowl gave us our first scary hit of the game.

After catching a deep pass from Tom Brady, New England Patriots wide receiver Brandin Cooks looked to evade defenders when Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Malcolm Jenkins blindsided him.

Jenkins appeared to lead with his helmet, though he was not called for a penalty, and Cooks went to the ground and was motionless for a short time.

He was later helped off the field and received applause from the crowd.

The Patriots later announced that Cooks would be out the rest of the game with an undisclosed “head” injury.

Losing Cooks would be brutal for the Patriots, as they would be without their best deep weapon.

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