Alan Greenspan Once Doubted His Own Existence

Alan Greenspan

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Alan Greenspan once needed to be convinced by his friend, Nathaniel Branden, that he existed before he met author Ayn Rand, according to a new documentary set to air in the UK tonight (via The Spectator).The documentary, titled All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace, reveals Greenspan’s earliest philosophical views, prior to his conversion by author Ayn Rand.

Branden on Greenspan, from the documentary:

“You have to realise that Alan Greenspan was, and is, a brilliant mind doing brilliant things in the real world but in his 20s he is sitting with me in my apartment telling me that he cannot say with certainty that he exists, he cannot say for certain that I exist and he cannot say for certain that this conversation exists… That aside he’s got lots of opinions about everything… My challenge became to persuade him that he can be certain that he exists.”

The documentary also delves into Greenspan’s relationship with Rand, which led to his conversion into an Atlas Shrugged devote.