32 Freaky Logos That Combine Brands With Their Arch-Rivals

brand reversions

Photo: Graham Smith

Imagine a blue can with the words Coca-Cola alongside Pepsi’s logo.It’s as close as you’ll ever get to brand blasphemy.

Logo designer Graham Smith has put together a series called Brand Reversions which re-imagine famous brand logos by swapping one creative style with another.

We’ve selected our favourites — rival brands whose re-done logos look just plain wrong.

Twitter / Facebook

Facebook / Twitter

iPhone / Android

Android / iPhone

Google / Bing

Bing / Google

Coca-Cola / Pepsi

Pepsi / Coca-Cola

Vimeo / YouTube

YouTube / Vimeo

FedEx / UPS

UPS / FedEx

Visa / Mastercard

Mastercard / Visa

Reddit / Digg

Digg / Reddit

Netflix / Hulu

Nintendo / Sega

AT&T / Sprint

Google / Yahoo!

Pizza Hut / Domino's

McDonald's / Burger King

Audi / BMW

Airbus / Boeing

XBox 360 / Playstation 3

Cadbury / Hershey's

Walmart / Best Buy

Smirnoff / Absolut

Amazon Kindle / Barnes & Noble Nook

Barnes & Noble / Amazon

Winston / Marlboro

Techcrunch / Mashable

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