Graphic 'Don't Text And Drive' Ad Will Leave You With Goosebumps

An absolutely haunting PSA on the dangers of texting and driving launched last week. “U drive. U text. U pay” is the theme, reports AdWeek.

There’s even a hashtag: #justdrive.

But the spot — paid for by The Tombras Group for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration — is far from happy-go-lucky and cute.

What starts out as a fun car ride with friends:

Takes a turn for the worse when the driver casually takes out her phone to reply to a text and misses a stop sign:

What happens next may take your breath away.

The car is T-boned by an oncoming truck, and everything whips into slow-motion. It’s horrible:

The car flips and flips, landing with a silent thud.

The truck that hit them is no where to be seen. It’s eerie:

At the end of the ad, an officer appears, noting that if he had seen her texting, he would have pulled her over, ticketed her, and then maybe she’d still be alive.

AdWeek notes that new site found “more than 70 per cent of teens and young adults have sent or read a text while driving. The campaign aims to get teen drivers to take a pledge to refrain from texting and driving, as well as give them the tools to help raise awareness.”

Here’s the ad in full:

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