Branch Launches Potluck, An 'Anxiety-Free' Reddit, And People Are Spending 11 Minutes Per Visit On It

branch josh miller foundersBranch co-founders.

Josh Miller and the team behind group discussion platform Branch are launching a new product today that seems a lot like Reddit.

The product is called Potluck, and it’s a place to share and consume links from around the web posted by friends.

Branch, which raised $4 million shortly after Miller dropped out of Princeton, isn’t going away. It’s just being “simplified,” says Miller.

“Branch is still very much alive. We just realised that it was primarily being used by publishers so better to simplify it for that use case and build a separate, standalone product for [friends] who don’t feel comfortable ‘publishing,'” he told Business Insider via email.

Potluck has been tested by 1,000 beta users. Miller says they spend an average of 10 minutes and 50 seconds on it per visit. During that time they consume 35 links. Right now Potluck is a web product but the iOS app will launch in a few weeks.

Potluck is similar to a Reddit or Digg but usernames and avatars on the platform are scarce. You can’t see who posted a link until you click on it. Then you can see a chain of comments and which of your friends have also read the story.

“On most social networks, you’re under constant pressure to live up to expectations,” Miller writes on Medium. “On Potluck, we reduced this anxiety by taking the emphasis off of individual people and placing it on the common interests that bring them together.”

Potluck is entering a very competitive space. Along with Reddit and Digg, Potluck will have to battle Facebook’s stealth news reader and Twitter’s growing news team.

Here’s what Potluck looks like. You can post a link or browse friends’ and friends of friends’ links:


Here’s what an article in Potluck looks like.


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