See Inside The Hammock-Filled Office Treehouse Of Braintree, The Startup EBay Just Bought For $US800 Million

Braintree is an e-commerce startup that processes payments that was just
bought by eBay for $US800 million, bolstering its existing PayPal business.

Braintree handles $US5 billion in transactions annually for more than 3,000 marketers including Uber,, AirBnB, LivingSocial and Rovio’s Angry Birds.

Last year, the company moved offices into a new space in Chicago’s West Loop, and the company shared these photos of its new HQ with us.

The standout feature is the office’s indoor treehouse, complete with hammocks and tree stumps.

Welcome to Braintree! This is founder Bryan Johnson.

Like a lot of startups, the company has gone with the open-plan, refurbished warehouse look.

Here's the kitchen. A lot of attention has been paid to the interior design.

The company was founded by developers, so real software code is part of the decor.

Federal law requires all tech startups to have a functional ping pong table.

Not feeling the desk? Try the sofas in the lounge area.

And now the piece de resistance ... the treehouse room. Note the gnome.

Another view of those hammocks ...

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