Braintree is expanding its Asia-Pac operations into Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia

Performers dance at the 2015 Cathay Pacific International Chinese New Year Night Parade in Hong Kong. Photo: Anthony Kwan/ Getty.

Digital payment platform Braintree’s Asia-Pacific operations are expanding from Sydney into Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia, with more countries across Asia coming soon.

The startup, whose core product is like a digital “merchant terminal” will now provide these countries with access to its software development kit which enables companies to accept digital payment in multiple currencies.

Some large digital commerce companies including Uber and Airbnb already use Braintree.

Klas Back, Braintree’s General Manager of international and payment strategy, says the company has spent a lot of time building out the local team, talking to both startups and established businesses, to learn about the emerging innovations that will require payment solutions.

“We were pleased to see first hand how trends in social commerce and the consumer’s expectation for a seamless buying experience are influencing mobile apps and websites locally, aligning with many of the features Braintree supports,” he said.

“Braintree merchants including Aston Club, Hailo, and Roller are expanding their operations and continue to rely on us in these new markets for their local subsidiaries. We are excited to see how these businesses continue to grow, as well as welcome new merchants.”

Tyson Hackwood, the Head of Braintree Asia, is leading the expansion, and has told Business Insider its services are about making easier for small businesses to implement more sophisticated payment options.

In an interview with Hackwood last year, he said he was looking forward to seeing ‘regionalisation’ of people and services: “We are no longer about having to be in a city to operate.”

“If you want to run an e-commerce business you probably don’t have to put yourself in the middle of an urban centre. You can start taking advantage of lower cost distribution hubs. You can be anywhere running a business,” Hackwood said.

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