There's a book hiding among a bunch of electronic gadgets in this new brainteaser — can you spot it?

Courtesy of Edu Prints PlusThe new brainteaser.
  • A new brainteaser from Edu Prints Plus has just been released.
  • Somewhere hiding among all these televisions, radios, and video games, is a good, old-fashioned book.
  • According to Edu Prints Plus, the quickest someone was able to find it was in 21 seconds – what’s your time?

Edu Prints Plus, a British website dedicated to bringing fun – and educational – content to kids all over the world, has released a new brainteaser. In a true throwback, the brainteaser has a book, the most classic form of entertainment, hiding among all the new gadgets that have threatened to take their place.

Here’s the puzzle – can you find the book?

Book brainteaserCourtesy of Edu Prints PlusDo you see the book?

According to Edu Prints Plus’ website, the fastest someone in their office was able to spot the book was in 21 seconds.

Can you beat that time?

Or maybe you still need help.

The answer is below, if you keep scrolling.


Here it is:

Book brainteaser skitchCourtesy of Edu Prints PlusWere you able to find it?

It’s a bit tricky to spot, but the bookmark peeking out over the front cover was a giveaway.

How long did it take you to spot the book?

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