9 Apps That'll Make You Smarter

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Feeling a little bit of the winter slump?Not as sharp as you’d like to be?

Take refuge in your mobile device – there are a number of apps ready to help you shake the dust out of your head.

Whether you use an iPhone or an Android phone, there’s something here for you.

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Lumosity Brain Trainer

One of the more name-brand apps in the space, Lumosity's Brain Trainer provides you with a variety of timed exercises to stretch your cognitive abilities. The app is free, but there's a subscription fee attached to get the most out of the app.

Price: free

Brain Fitness Pro

This app claims to increase your short-term memory by 'more than 40% in less than 20 days with just 30 minutes of daily training.' It implements the n-back neuroscience exercise.

Price: $3.99


Want to work on memory? Eidetic throws a variety of memory exercises your way to help boost your ability to remember.

Price: $0.99

mTrainer Pro

If you want a brain 'gym,' a collection of various brain exercises, mTrainer piles a bunch of cognitive tasks into one app.

Price: $1.99

Critical Thinking University Think-O-Meter

This app presents you with a number of hypothetical situations and quizzes you on the details, evaluating your attention to detail and your ability to make decisions of sound reasoning.

Price: free

Memory Trainer

Over on the Android side, Memory Trainer puts your brain through its paces with varied matching games.

Price: free

Brain Trainer Special

This is your brain gym on the Android side -- a collection of games that have you memorizing letter sequences, phone numbers, and solving assorted maths problems to keep your mind on its toes.

Price: free

maths Genius Brain Trainer

Want to keep it number-centric? This maths-based number game offers an infinite number of difficulty settings to make sure it's always a challenge.

Price: free

Brain Workshop

If you'd rather use your desktop, Brain Workshop comes highly recommended. Lifehacker wrote that 'there's a growing body of evidence to suggest that it may actually succeed in making its players a little bit smarter.' It's a variation of the previously-mentioned n-back cognitive task.

Price: free

Want to start a company with all that new brainpower?

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