This daylight saving time brain teaser contains a hidden clock turned back one hour — can you spot it?

Courtesy of Webuyanycar.comCan you find the clock set back one hour?

When daylight saving time goes into effect on November 4 this year, the clocks will “fall back” one hour until they “spring forward” again in March 2019.

This daylight saving-themed brain teaser from contains dozens of clocks set to 10 o’clock in a busy city, but only one of them is turned back one hour to nine o’clock.

Can you find it?

If you didn’t, that’s ok.

Try again.

Still no sign of the clock?

The answer is below.

If you want to see where it is, keep scrolling.

Or if you want to look one more time, now’s your chance to scroll back up.

Ready to see the answer?

Here it is:

It’s a subtle difference, but the beige clock towards the bottom left shows that the time is nine o’clock.

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