Former Lehman Brothers Chief Arrested For Forging A Prescription For Oxycotin And Ritalin Heads To Rehab

bradley jack
Bradley Jack

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Bradley Jack, a former head of investment banking at Lehman Brothers, received court approval to enter a rehab program to avoid prosecution on charges that he forged prescription to buy Oxycontin and Ritalin, the New York Times says.Jack, 52, was arrested in June for allegedly giving a pharmacist a prescription for 12 Oxycontin pills and 12 Ritalin pills at a CVS pharmacy in Fairfield, Connecticut.

Police said Jack was immediately apologetic upon being arrested and told his friends it was all a “misunderstanding,” the newspaper reported.

The former co-COO will enter an accelerated rehabilitation program.

Jack’s lawyer, Robert Golger, supports the move.

From the NYTimes:

Mr. Golger said he told the court on Thursday that his client was a “fine candidate” for the accelerated rehabilitation program. The lawyer also noted that Mr. Jack, who left Lehman in 2005, did not have a criminal record and was engaged in numerous charitable activities.

A court officer will continue to monitor Jack’s case.  If he doesn’t have another run in with the law, the charges could be dropped.