Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga are starring in a remake of a famous musical

Bradley Cooper is getting his first directing job, and Lady Gaga is stepping up as an actress.

The two will star in a remake of the musical “A Star Is Born,” with Cooper directing. Warner Bros. gave the green light to the production, which will start in early 2017, Deadline reports.

“A Star Is Born” has been made as a movie several times. In the 1976 film, Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson starred in the story of a young woman who finds her star rising as her mentor’s declines.

Cooper has been eyeing the project as his first directing project since working with Warner Bros. on 2014’s “American Sniper,” and the studio was apparently won over by a chemistry test between Cooper and Gaga, who recently starred on FX’s American Horror Story.”

Gaga will compose and perform new music for the film.

“For those of us lucky enough to watch him work as an actor and producer, it has been clear that Bradley would make this transition to director,” Warner Bros. president Greg Silverman said, according to Deadline. “We are honored that he is doing it, here, at his home — Warner Bros. — and with Lady Gaga as a collaborator and costar. The world is in for a treat as these great artists craft an all-new vision of ‘A Star Is Born.'”

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