Ex-Apple Engineer Brad Sewell Has A New Startup

brad sewellBrad Sewell

Brad Sewell, a former Apple engineer who worked on the iPod and iPhone, seems to have a new furniture startup. 

We first saw the news on Fortune reporter Dan Primack’s Twitter feed

Sewell has raised $500,000 for Campaign, but is looking to raise an additional $1 million more, according to a Form D filed yesterday with the Securities and Exchange Commission

Data platform for venture capitalists Mattermark seems to think that Campaign is an online-only furniture sales company.

A Google search for “Brad Sewell and campaign and furniture” brings up some results from Angel List, a platform that matches early-stage startups with investors. 

“Campaign is addressing a real pain point for customers shopping for furniture. I love Brad’s vision for the business and believe the business has huge potential,” one of the meta tags reads. That comment purportedly lives on angel.co/campaign as well as on angel.co/bradsewell/activity. 

But when you click on those search results, that comment is nowhere to be found. That’s likely because Angel List reveals limited data and information to you if you’re not an investor. 

Business Insider has reached out to Sewell and will update this story if we hear back. 

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