Brad Robinson Joins Eagle Rock Proxy

Robinson will take on responsibility for Eagle Rock’s corporate governance advisory service and will be tasked with assisting clients in the important task of analysing and shaping their governance policies and practices.

Robinson comes to Eagle Rock from Proxy Governance, where he was a member of the research team and worked extensively with leading industry experts, focusing on a range of governance issues from executive compensation policy, poison pills, private placements to proxy contests.

‘I can give issuers a unique perspective on what proxy advisors really think. I look forward to giving companies advice on how to manage certain governance issues and, importantly, how to effectively present arguments to advisors,’ says Robinson.

‘I think the position at Eagle Rock represents an excellent opportunity to bring a new level of corporate governance sophistication to the proxy solicitation field. In my previous role I constantly saw issuers caught off guard by shareholder sentiment or even well established governance trends. No company should be surprised by proxy and governance issues these days. As solicitors with expertise in corporate governance, we can give issuers a unique perspective on the challenges they can expect to face at a given meeting, regardless of the complexities of the issues they may face.’

‘I’m enthusiastic about confronting the challenges that face many issuers in the current governance climate. Now, more than ever, it is important for companies to understand the challenges they can face at even the most routine of meetings, as well as the strategies most likely to prevail in meeting those challenges.’ Robinson enthuses.

In addition to being a well-known researcher and analyst Robinson co-authored a study examining the voting policies and practices of major exchange-traded funds. He has also held positions as a series 7 and 52 licensed stockbroker.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Arts in Philosophy and Psychology from the University of Rochester and a JD from University of Pittsburgh Law School.

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