Brad Marchand Ate Cinnamon Toast Crunch Out Of The Stanley Cup

One of the perks of winning Lord Stanley’s Cup is that each player on the team gets to spend a day with the trophy.  Usually whoever has the Cup for the day brings it back to their hometown, where they are feted with a parade, and the residents of the town get to pose for pictures with the famous piece of hardware.

Of course, in it’s travels the Stanley Cup is involved in some rather nefarious shenanigans (see Lemieux, Mario and Draper, Kris).  So maybe Brad Marchand eating some tasty Cinnamon Toast Crunch out of the hallowed trophy isn’t such a big deal.

Marchand took the Cup back to Halifax, near his birthplace of Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia this  past Monday.  Before any celebration could take place, the Bruins winger decided to start the day off right, a day that Halifax mayor Peter Kelly dubbed “Brad Marchand Day,” by using the Stanley Cup as a cereal bowl.

Video of Brad Marchand enjoying a not-so-healthy breakfast follows the jump…

Is this what they mean by a balanced breakfast?


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