Body Of Top Canadian Banker That Was Missing For Five Days Found At Bottom Of Lake

lake joseph ontarioLake Joseph, where Griffith’s body was found.

Photo: Kristonium on Flickr

The body of Brad Griffiths, one of Toronto’s “most colourful and successful corporate financiers“, was found at the bottom of Lake Joseph in Ontario’s Muskoka area on Saturday, according to the Globe Advisor.Griffiths wet missing from his cottage near Lake Joseph after he fell over the side of his motorboat while fishing. But no witnesses report seeing him fall: the boat was still running in circles when a neighbour found him struggling and waving his arms in distress. He then sank underwater.

An autopsy is going to be performed on his body, according to the Globe Advisor.

His former partner Eugene McBurney told the Globe and Mail that Griffiths struggled with alcohol, but not so much in recent years.  “It’s no secret he had his demons,” Mr. McBurney said. “This business is all about eating and drinking, you know, working hard and playing hard.”

An autopsy should clear up the nature of how Griffiths ended up in the water.

Griffiths was one of the co-founders of GMP Capital Inc., one of Canada’s biggest independent investment banks. He left the firm in 2000, and has since headed Griffiths Energy International and sat on the board for United Hunter Oil and Gas Corporation.

Griffiths was 55 years old.

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