Former AOL Exec Describes The Most Embarrassing Moment In His AOL Career

Brad GarlinghouseBrad Garlinghouse

Photo: Flickr/dfarber

Brad Garlinghouse is clearly happy he left AOL. Garlinghouse has taken a new job as CEO of file-sharing startup YouSendIt. He talked to Business Insider about his old job as AOL’s president of commerce and applications and head of its Silicon Valley office, which he quit in December.

He says AOL has a rough road ahead because when people think of AOL they think of dial-up and “dial-up is dead,” he says.

His most embarrassing moment was when he was leaving Europe and going through customs. The officer asked him about his business trip and where he worked.

“I said AOL, and the custom guy just looks at me and says ‘Are they still in business?’ It was just painful.”

He had been a big cheese at Yahoo through all the Microsoft merger stuff and he never intended to work for a big Internet company again. So when Tim Armstrong first called him and asked, he said no.

“We had a laugh but I agreed to fly to New York doing a product review and the proverbial hook was in. Tim is a charismatic leader.”

Now he jokes, “I went there to drive a turnaround and, as Warren Buffet says, most turnarounds don’t turn.”

So goodbye, AOL. Hello, YouSendIt.

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