A US journalist is getting a lot of love for his takedown of Boris Johnson

Associated Press journalist Brad Clapper took UK foreign secretary to task over his diplomatic record at a press conference with US secretary of state John Kerry on Tuesday.

The journalist quoted back at Johnson some of the inflammatory remarks he has made about Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton during his years as a columnist for the The Daily Telegraph.

Clapper’s question in full (emphasis ours):

“You’ve accused the current US president Barack Obama of harbouring a part-Kenyan’s “ancestral dislike for the British empire,” while claiming untruthfully at the time that he didn’t want a [Winston] Churchill bust in the White House. You’ve described a possible future US president Hillary Clinton as someone with “dyed blonde hair, pouty lips, and a steely blue stare, like a sadistic nurse in a mental hospital.” You’ve also likened her to Lady Macbeth. Do you take these comments back, or do you want to take them with you into your new job as some sort of indicator of the type of diplomacy you will practice?”

Clapper’s question was applauded by his fellow journalists on Twitter after it left Johnson looking uncomfortable and drew some memorable facial expressions from Kerry.


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