Brad Childress Acting Against Owner's Wishes In Move To Cut Randy Moss

Brad Childress

Although, Brad Childress’ contract gives him full control over the Vikings 53-man roster, he did not inform management (or even Randy Moss) that he planned to cut the wide receiver four games after trading him away a draft pick for him.

That decision is reportedly not sitting well with team owner Zygi Wilf, who worked hard to bring Moss back to Minnesota.

And in what may be a first in disgruntled player relations, no one seems to be blaming Randy Moss for causing this acrimonious split. Moss has a history of not getting along with coaches. (That’s how the Vikings got him in the first place!) And after his ludicrous “press conference” where he declared that he would now ask and answer all questions on behalf of the press, it would seem impossible for anyone to defend Moss’s actions.

Childress undid all that with one move.

Now, it’s his competence that’s being called into question, both for acquiring a troubled player to begin with and then cutting him loose with nothing to show for it. Vikings fans are now calling for Childress’ head, while other team’s fans are already talking themselves into claiming a wideout who’s been dumped by two coaches in a month.

Rather than splitting the locker room, Moss has united it … against Childress.

The waiver claim cannot become official until 4 p.m. ET. Now it’s up to Wilf to decide if he’s going to let Childress have his way or show him the door.

 * * *

Here’s what some others are saying about the Childress/Moss debacle:

Mike Florio, Pro Football Talk

“The decision to cut Moss loose allows us to conclude beyond any shadow of a doubt that one or more persons employed by the Minnesota Vikings don’t know what the hell they are doing.

And it’s time for those people to be identified — and to be fired.”

Jason Cole, Yahoo Sports

“Childress confirmed what many in the Vikings organisation have believed about him for years: His management of people is questionable, his willingness to listen is nonexistent and his reaction to criticism is punitive.

Eric J. Thompson, Daily Norseman

“So sure, I guess you can point to Moss’ attitude as a reason for parting ways. But EVERYONE ALREADY KNEW ABOUT HIS ATTITUDE! WHY TRADE FOR HIM IN THE FIRST PLACE IF YOU WERE SO EFFING CONCERNED ABOUT IT?! I hate to sound like your typical angry sports blogger, but HOLY CRAP I AM AN ANGRY SPORTS BLOGGER RIGHT NOW!”

Tom Powers, Pioneer Press

“The good news is that the Vikings have become nutty to the point of being entertaining. All we need is Herschel Walker talking about doing 10,000 pushups every morning and living off one French fry per day. Right now, it’s like watching a monster truck tip over on its side and sort of spin in the dirt.”

“Team Source”

“Really, I thought he was joking, then I realised it was Chilly and he doesn’t joke. Well, he jokes, but it’s not funny.”

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