How using the BPme app led to police investigating an Australian managing director

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  • The head of an industry association found himself under police investigation after using the BPme app.
  • He was been accused of filling his car, a red BMW, with petrol and not paying for it.
  • However, he says the charge eventually turned up on his statement.

A possible flaw has been found in the BPme app after Ben Sharp, managing director of ADMA (Association for Data-driven Marketing and Advertising), used it to buy petrol and then was investigated by NSW police.

“I’m no criminal,” he wrote on LinkedIn after receiving a letter from police saying he had been reported for not paying for his fuel.

Sharp’s been using the app, which allows payment at the pump without the need to go to the counter, for a month or so, and found it quite convenient but a little slow.

BP announced the national rollout of its “ground-breaking” fuel payment app, BPme, in December 2017.

“Having used it at least 10 times, I was surprised, actually offended, to receive this letter from the Police in the post earlier this week,” he says.

“It states that BP have reported me for failing to pay for fuel, despite my usage of the app to pay. When I reviewed my transactions in the app, the payment was processed — although it was two days later than when it should have happened.

“When signing up for the app, I submitted all my details — and assume that I also included my number plate.

“To think that the first step that BP takes when their app doesn’t work, and a loyal customer had actually attempted to pay, was to notify the police seems utterly ridiculous.”

A BP spokesman said: “We’re very concerned to hear what has happened and are currently investigating. We will provide further comment as soon as we can.”

Here’s the letter to Ben Sharp:

Image: Ben Sharp

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