BP Launches Gigantic Lawsuit Against Halliburton, Transocean And Cameron

bob dudley

One year after the Deepwater Horizon explosion, BP has gone on the offensive.

BP filed a lawsuit this morning seeking “at least $40 billion” from Transocean, the operator of the doomed rig. The company also filed suit against Halliburton, which poured cement to build the Macona Well, and Cameron International, which provided the blow-out preventer that failed.

BP is suing Halliburton for up to the cost of the spill.

During the worst of the oil spill, BP set aside $40.9 billion for costs. It paid all of this money and more following the spill.

Of course all other parties blame the entire crisis on BP. The case against BP says the oil company chose the cheap and risky well casing option; it ignored Halliburton’s advice to use more casing centralizers; it skipped the cement bond log test; it didn’t circulate mud through the well to test for flaws; it didn’t use a casing hanger lockdown sleeve to secure the one remaining barrier to a blowout?

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