BP Is Being Accused Of Selling Bad Gas To Thousands Of Consumers

Pumping Gas

Photo: AP Images

Two Indiana residents have filed separate class-action lawsuits against BP after discovering contaminated gas would force them to pay $1,000 or more to fix their automobiles, CBS Chicago reported on Tuesday.BP has already recalled about 2.1 million gallons of off-specification gasoline produced in stations in Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin earlier this month. More than 7,000 people have reported problems, the company has said.

Mark Gonzalez, a Lake County, Ind. resident, claims in his suit that he filled both his 2002 GMS Yukon and his 2007 Harley-Davidson motorcycle with the faulty gas and needed repairs worth more than $1,000, CBS reported.

Gonzalez claimed BP is not doing enough to address the complaints of the thousands of affected customers.

“BP’s claims process is insufficient to handle the high volume of telephone calls, leaving many purchasers angry, frustrated and unhappy,” he stated in his suit.

The company, which has had its fair share of environmental scandals, came out with a statement following the 19,000 inquiries from motorists.

“We’re at a point where we’re confident that all the products put out by the refinery and distributed by our terminals — they’ve all been tested,” BP spokesman Scott Dean told The Chicago Tribune.

“A few” service stations do not have premium or midgrade gasoline available until testing is complete, but BP is confident that the regular gas is “in good shape now,” Dean said.

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