BP Is Protesting Gulf Spill Lawsuits In Full-Page Ads In The WSJ And NYT

WSJ’s Tom Gara writes BP has taken out a full-page ad in both his paper and the New York Times protesting aggressive lawsuits that continue to emerge from the Deepwater Horizon spill.

How could the company charged in the deaths of 11 rig workers now say it’s a victim? 

BP alleges the office charged with administering damage claims from private citizens is in cahoots with lawyers representing plaintiffs.

This is not without merit: two staff attorneys working for the administrator have already been ousted after evidence surfaced they took improper payments from plaintiffs lawyers, Bloomberg reports

The oil company also accuses the administrator of approving hundreds of millions of dollars in claims for “fictitious” business economic losses under a liberal interpretation of the accord, Bloomberg says.

The allegations are being investigated by former FBI director Louis Freeh.

The ad features U.S. business leaders supporting BP’s charge that wealthy trial lawyers have hijacked the claims process:

bp full page ad

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