WHERE ARE THEY NOW? The Cast Of 'Boy Meets World'

boy meets world

It’s been 20 years since Mr. Feeny was the gang’s sixth grade teacher, 15 since he was their high school principal, and 10 since he was their college professor.

And 10 years since he we last saw him pop up from behind the fence to offer up some pearls of wisdom.


If you grew up in the ’90s, you probably miss “Boy Meets World.”

It may be over a decade since the hit show left the air, but Topanga and Cory really never left our hearts.

Ben Savage played the loveable Cory Matthews in the series. After the show ended he made a few movies and television appearances and has two films in post-production.

Rider Strong, who played Cory's best friend Shawn still does some acting, but he also writes, directs, and produces. He was nominated at the Washington D.C. Shorts Film Festival for the Best First Time Filmmaker award.

Shawn's sassy girlfriend Angela Moore was played by Trina McGee Davis, who was already almost 30 and pregnant with her third child during her time on the show. Now she lives in the San Fernando Valley with her husband and three children.

And now for some awesome guest stars! Here's Brittany Murphy as Topanga's annoying friend, Trini. Murphy went on to have a successful movie career before her death in 2009.

Here's another blast from the past.

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