Boxing World Champion Wladimir Klitschko Annihilates Aussie Alex Leapai In Heavy Weight World Title

Leapai defeated in heavy-weight world title clash. Chris Hyde/Getty

Wladimir Klitschko showed why he is the world’s number one boxing champion, annihilating Aussie champ Alex Leapai in their head-to-head heavyweight world title clash.

Leapai lasted a gruelling five rounds but “The Lionheart’s” 10 punches left Klitschko unscathed and able to send back 147 in return.

Despite the win counting as his 53rd knockout and his 62nd victory in his career, Klitschko remained humble and talked about the unrest in his native Ukraine.

“It wasn’t easy, because my head was with my countrymen in Ukraine. What is going on in my home country is the concern of the whole world,” he said.

The last time Klitschko lost was in 2004 to Lamon Brewster in Las Vegas.

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