Everyone Is Talking About This New App That Claims To Fix Email On Your iPhone

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Email is a huge problem. It’s such a headache that there are a ton of apps and services popping up all over the place to help people out.

Boxer is a new email app available for iPhone that wants to fix it. Boxer doesn’t think email is broken. Instead its motto is: “Email isn’t broken, it’s just unfair.” 

Boxer is all about using gestures to sort email into different categories. 

Boxer works with all major email services like Gmail, Outlook, Exchange, Yahoo, AOL, and Apple’s iCloud.

With Boxer you can like a message, send a quick reply, add it to your to-do list, request help from others, or mark it as done.

The app is beautifully designed and since its free now, it’s definitely worth a download.

Boxer is free for the first 100,000 people that download it. At the time of writing, there are 92,536 free downloads left.

After that the company plans to charge around $4.99 for the app, according to AllThingsD, but it has not set a firm price yet.

Boxer is a free download in Apple's App Store for the first 100,000 people. After the promotion, the app will cost $4.99.

Once you've opened the app tap OK to allow it to access your contacts.

One more pop up for Push notifications.

Boxer supports all the major email services. Choose the one you want to set up.

Sign in with your email and password.

The app needs your permission to access your account.

Enter how you want your name to be displayed and a description of your account.

After you're set up, Boxer takes you through a quick tour.

Boxer makes it easy to file email into different categories. You can like, send a quick reply, add it to a to-do list, or check it off as done.

You can ask for help with the request button.

Boxer can even integrate your social media accounts so you can have more information about contacts.

The side tray helps you to easily get to the various sections and other accounts.

Here's what your inbox looks like.

Another view of the side tray.

Your labels and folders are easily accessible from the sidebar too.

If you swipe to the right on a message, you'll get these options. It makes it easy to sort email into different categories.

You can sort your email into different views based on date, priority, due dates, and assignments.

That is what it looks like when you write an email.

The detail tab gives you more options so you can set a due date, add priority, or assign someone a task.

You can attach files from all over. The Dropbox integration is a nice touch.

You can also send a pre-written message.

Here's what an email looks like when you open it.

You can organise and tag emails within the message.

When you first archive an email, you get a quick explanation of how it works.

If you accidentally archive a message you can easily undo it.

Adding messages to to-do also places them in a special folder on the web.

If you swipe from right to left you have a few options to clear a message from your inbox.

The Dashboard is an easy way to get around your inbox. You can view your to-do's and requests all in one place.

Settings has a ton of options and tweaks.

You can also customise your own quick responses.

You can keep your inbox locked with a passcode.

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