Boxee's Latest Trick To Fool Hulu: Cloning Firefox

Web video site Hulu and Web video browser startup Boxee have been playing a cat and mouse game for weeks. Now it’s Boxee’s turn to make a move: In a new alpha version of its software to be released tonight, it’s essentially cloned the guts of Mozilla’s browser technology to restore Hulu access to Boxee. It’s not very elegant, but if it works, that should be good enough for now.

Then, we understand, if Hulu wants to really block Boxee’s users from its public video feeds, it’ll effectively have to block Firefox access. Which is probably not going to happen.

What’s the fuss about?

Hulu, under instruction of its backers NBC and Fox, has been blocking Boxee’s users from accessing its videos. And Boxee, eager to please its user base (and perhaps show big media that it can’t fight Web users) has been figuring out ways to skirt Hulu’s blockades. There’s even a Twitter account called @ishuluonboxee to track the skirmish.

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