Boxee Hires Ex-CollegeHumor Dude To Run Product

NYC-based Boxee has hired CollegeHumor cofounder Zach Klein to head up product, the company announced.

“Zach has the magic touch and we are very excited to have him on the team,” Boxee CEO Avner Ronen said on the company’s blog.

Klein’s hiring makes sense. His strengths are user design and experience, and that’s the whole point of Boxee.

Boxee is a software app designed to make watching Web video a better experience. Of its early-adopter-type users, most use it on a computer (though it also runs on Apple TV via a hack). But ideally, it’ll become the Web browser for your TV, whether through a new set-top box or directly from your TV or cable provider. (It’s basically a much better version of your cable box’s channel guide, which means that a desperate cable company may someday wind up buying Boxee.)

In the meantime, figuring out revenue, etc., is a different story. But that’s why Boxee just raised a $6 million round of financing led by Boston-based General Catalyst.


We raised our latest round to enable us to take advantage of the momentum we see in the market, but growing the team (we are now 19 people at Boxee) is always risky for a startup. It could mean becoming slower, focusing too much internally, beginning of politics, culture clashes, etc (I hope we will manage this phase well). In this context we feel very fortunate that we were able to bring Zach on board. Beside being a great talent he also shares many passions with the team: tinkering with stuff, coffee, travelling the world, beautiful bikes, being a fan of losing sports franchises and more..

The development of the Boxee Beta is wrapping up and we need to start thinking of the future beyond the Beta. Zach could not have joined at a better time.


The feeling I had when I learned their vision, competence and personality reminded me of the year way back when I met [CollegeHumor dudes] Jakob, Josh, and Ricky. It’s the sudden sensation of confidence that no one in the world is more capable and determined to pull off what you imagine. And it’s the case again. This Boxee team is extraordinary.

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