Boxee Adds MLB.TV, Windows Support

mlb tv boxee

Boxee, the free media centre software app, is getting some new content today. It’s also now available for Microsoft (MSFT) Windows-based PCs. It’s been available since last year for Apple’s (AAPL) Macs and Apple TV devices and some Linux systems.

What’s Boxee? Think of it as a Web browser designed for using on the couch, on a big monitor or your TV. It’s mostly used for Web video, but can also display photos, play music, etc. It’s geeky, but the company has 500,000 regular users, and is looking to eventually get itself built into Internet-connected TVs, set-top boxes, etc.

Boxee’s biggest new content score: The service will now be able to access MLB.TV Premium, Major League Baseball’s live online streaming service. This means that MLB.TV Premium subscribers will be able to watch full games live via Boxee on computers and Apple TV devices. (Boxee CEO Avner Ronen tells us that it works very well on computers, and pretty well on Apple TV — about 480p; don’t expect the full 720p on Apple’s low-powered set-top box.)

Boxee will also add content from Digg, Tumblr, Current TV, and has redesigned its navigation layout.

The MLB.TV deal is especially impressive for Boxee. While the company has had trouble with Hulu — the Web video company owned by NBC, Fox, and Disney, which blocked its software — it’s a sign that an established media brand is willing to work with Boxee to bring their content to its software. Perhaps the first of more to come.

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