'Spectre' has no problem topping the US box office for a second straight weekend

Spectre James Bond Daniel CraigSony‘Spectre.’

The new releases at the multiplex this weekend were no match for 007.

The latest movie in the James Bond franchise, “Spectre,” topped the weekend box office for a second straight week with an estimated $US35 million, according to The Hollywood Reporter, putting the film’s total at over $US120 million in the US market.

Trailing “Spectre” for a second week is “The Peanuts Movie.” With an estimated $US24.2 million, the film, like the latest Bond movie, is continuing to find audiences.

The same can’t be said for the Angelina Jolie passion project, “By the Sea.” Written and directed by Jolie — who stars opposite her husband, Brad Pitt, as a married couple going through a tough patch in their relationship — the film only took in an estimated $US95,440 in 10 theatres (that’s 9,544 per screen), according to THR.

Universal‘By the Sea.’

Released by Universal, which made it for $US30 million (including advertising), according to Deadline, the film is a rarity for a Hollywood studio. A modest-budget melodrama with little appeal for the treasured 20-something demo.

But, as Universal has a relationship with Jolie, having released her last directing effort, “Unbroken,” it was best to support one of its star’s works (even if it was an obvious vanity project).

Though the film gives an honest take on the challenges of being in a relationship, it was mixed with critics. It only has a 32% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and, according to a source close to the studio, “By the Sea” was never planning to get an award-season push.

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