(Updated) Box-Office Results: “Friday The 13th” Kills ‘Em All!*


UPDATE: With Monday’s box-office revenues, Friday the 13th scared up $45.2 million over the four-day weekend. Most of the rest of the Top 5 remained unchanged, with second-place finisher He’s Just Not That Into You grossing $23.4 million for a 10-day total of $58.3 million. Taken was third with $22.2 million over the weekend ($80.9 million to date). But Coraline and Confessions of a Shopaholic flip-flopped, meaning the apparently ill-timed Disney pic did worse than it originally seemed. Coraline racked up $20.1 million in four days’ worth of receipts for a $40.4 million total, while Confessions grossed $17.3 million.

Similarly, in the bottom half of the top 10, the week’s other economic crisis-inspired title, The International, switched places with The Pink Panther 2, with the former pulling in just $10.7 million over the four-day session.

This President’s Day weekend is also the highest-grossing on record, with the domestic box office up 35% from the same period last year.

EARLIER: Racking up $42.2 million, the Friday the 13th reboot was the no. 1 movie this Valentine’s Day weekend.* The film also has the highest-grossing opening weekend for a horror flick, beating 2004’s The Grudge, which made $39.1 million during its first weekend. Friday the 13th also had an insanely high per-screen average of $13,605 in more than 3,100 theatres, and since it was made for just $19 million, it’s probably already broken even. No wonder people are talking about a sequel.

Coming in second was another New Line/Warner Bros. film, He’s Just Not That Into You, which pulled in $19.6 million.

Disney’s Confessions of a Shopaholic came in fourth with $15.4 million and Sony’s The International limped into seventh place with $10 million. Apparently watching Clive Owen hunt down evil bankers was less appealing than seeing a fashion-obsessed woman coping with debt. Hmm…

We’ve yet to see a full list of the top 5, or 10, but based on the numbers for Saturday, we’re going to guess that Fox’s Taken came in third, with $19.2 million bringing its domestic total to $78 million, and Focus Features’ Coraline placed fifth with $15.3 million. 

Another interesting (and soul-crushing) piece of data from this weekend’s box-office chart: Paul Blart: Mall Cop, which finished sixth this weekend, has now made more than $100 million in its first month of release, solely based on U.S. ticket sales. That’s more than last year’s Oscar winner, No Country for Old Men, made domestically in its entire theatrical run and more than this year’s Oscar favourite Slumdog Millionaire has made to date in the U.S. (It’s currently at $86.5 million.)

*We’ll have figures for Friday-Monday tomorrow; these numbers cover the normal Friday-Sunday weekend span.