Box Office Preview: Jason Voorhees Slaughters Evil Bankers, Debt-Ridden Shopaholic


As we indicated yesterday in our post about early ticket sales, Friday the 13th is likely to kill, if you will, at the box-office this long weekend.

Going up against the Jason Voorhees slasher reboot are two high-profile art-imitating-life flicks: Clive Owen’s thriller about evil bankers The International and the Jerry Bruckheimer-produced story of a debt-ridden shopper forced to reform her ways, Confessions of a Shopaholic.

The consensus from Variety, Entertainment Weekly and /Film is that Jason will win. The New Line horror movie, now distrib. by Warner Bros. after New Line shut down, is expected to clear $34 million by Tuesday, giving it the sixth-best opening for a modern reboot of any kind and the biggest opening for a horror remake.

Disney’s Confessions is expected to come in second with $21-$25 million. Chick flicks have done well lately, since women have started going to the movies, but Confessions faces stiff competition from He’s Just Not That Into You, and there’s the strong possibility that penny-pinching viewers won’t want to see a film about a woman with financial difficulties, not to mention all of the extravagant shopping that gets her in that position in the first place.

The rest of the top four is expected to be rounded out by holdovers He’s Just Not That Into YouTaken ($20-$21.25M) and Fox’s comeback champ ($14M-$16.1M).

The other newcomer, Sony’s The International, in which Clive Owen tries to defeat a terrorism-funding bank, also might hit a little too close to home. But it’s also not playing close to home. It’s in far fewer theatres than Friday and Confessions, which will also hurt its total gross, estimated to be between $11 and $12.6M.