Box has a new COO and she’s a skydiving, rattlesnakes battling, bungee jumping Australian who was once VP at Apple

Stephanie Carullo + Aaron Levie 2
Aaron Levie, CEO of Box, called his new COO, Stephanie Carullo,’a super adventurous Australian.’ Box

Every successful tech company needs an inspirational and dramatic founding story to add to its buzz. Even better, is an executive with a riveting personal profile.

Box, the Silicon Valley-based cloud storage company, is sure to get extra points for its new COO, Stephanie Carullo.

“While Stephanie is super hardcore about scaling technology organisations, she’s also really fun, too,” Box CEO Aaron Levie wrote on the company blog Wednesday. “She’s a super adventurous Australian who is sometimes known to skydive, battle rattlesnakes, bungee jump, and run marathons. So basically the opposite of anything I would ever dream of doing.”

Carullo has been in the industry for over 25 years, spending time at both IBM and Cisco, and later at Apple as VP of US education sales. She’ll replace longtime COO Dan Levin, who has been at Box for seven years. Levin will stay on the board of directors.

Box projects that it will have $US500 million in sales this year, which Carullo will help scale to over a billion in revenue, according to Levie.

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