Afghanistan's New Booze-Free Bowling Alley Is A Hit With The Locals

frames bowling alley port authority

Photo: Meredith Galante/Business Insider

Check your weapons and cigarettes at the security, and head inside the black-steel door which leads you to Afghanistan’s first-ever bowling alley.The institution, located in Kabul, is a rare setting for the locals to have some pure fun, according to The New York Times’ Rod Nordland.

There is no alcohol served. The 12-lane business, called “Strikers,” hosts after-work social events for businessmen. 

Strikers opened last year, but teaching a group of people how to bowl takes some time. It’s only now that the regulars are achieving respectable scores close to 200, Nordland writes. At $35 an hour, it’s not cheap, either.

Afghanistan is now the 91st country in the world to have a modern bowling alley.

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