Tour A Hot Fashion PR Boutique With A Showroom Right In Its Office

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Bollare, a boutique beauty, fashion, and lifestyle public relations firm founded by Alle Fister, works with high-end clients, top-tier fashionistas, and celebrity brand-builders. And to do so effectively they need an office that can impress.In New York, one of their two headquarters (the company is “bi-coastally headquartered”), Sara Flores, Vice President (and head of the New York office), has crafted a workplace that is simple yet elegant and fashionable but functional.

Consisting of a boutique store-like entrance area that serves as a showroom for the company’s clients and an office with 25 full-time staff in the back, the New York space is well equipped and ready for action.

Upon entry to the office you are greeted by Landon Miller. Originally from Atlanta, he moved to New York a year ago to work in fashion.

The showroom entrance.

They work with a lot of high-end brands and have some pretty cool stuff around the showroom.

As well as lots of clothes.

In back is a fully functioning office.

Marina Khoroch, an Account Manager, has been with Bollare for about a year.

Nearby is some reading material to keep the office up to date on any big celebrity news.

Tera Leuthauser is head of the Accessories Division and has been with Bollare for about a year.

One of Leuthauser's current favourites in accessories is Robyn Brooks, who makes stunning patterns out of natural elements and animal skins (like Python and Stingray). The result are interestingly textured pieces.

They have to keep lots of product samples around the office and not all of them can go in the showroom.

And here is some of the footwear they keep on display.

Of course they need a coffee machine to keep the team alert.

And a small fridge...

But it is packed.

Meg Young is a Senior Account Manager in the Beauty Division. The painting was done by Anthony Sneed, whose work appears throughout the office.

The office smoothly transitions to the showroom.

The big meeting room fits in well too.

And has this funky chandelier.

Next door sits the woman behind Bollare's New York office.

Sara Flores, Vice President and head of Bollare's New York office.

Fashion-focused reading materials, of course.

And a nice view back into the office.

We check out some cool promotions on the display table outside of Flores' office as we make our way out.

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