Boulder Has So Many Open Tech Jobs It Wants To Fly You In To Apply

Boulder ColoradoBoulder, Colorado

Photo: Boulder Convention and Visitors’ Bureau

The folks in Boulder call it Niwot’s Curse. Step one foot into this gorgeous Colorado town and you’ll never leave again. That’s why the organisers of Boulder Startup Week are offering to fly 10 out-of-towners in. They hope to find people for the long list of open jobs in the Boulder startup community.

Though, maybe, calling all the companies there “startups” isn’t accurate. Google, Living Social, and Microsoft are in town and hiring too.

We didn’t count them all, but there are about 50 Boulder tech companies hiring, so there are a couple hundred jobs open including programmers, sales, tech support, lots of others.

So if you happen to be available May 16 to 20 there could be a free plane ticket in it for you.

Oh, and the curse is named for Chief Niwot. In the mid 1800’s, his people, from the Southern Arapaho nation, used to live there.

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