During These Stressful Times, Wall Streeters Have Been Turning To Botox To Look Refreshed

botox needle

Photo: Bloomberg TV

As many Wall Streeters deal with the turbulent economic conditions and daily fight to keep their high stress jobs, several men have been turning to Botox to make their frowning faces look refreshed.Bloomberg TV recently did a clip about how more middle aged men than ever have been making trips to the cosmetologist to receive the expensive injections. 

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, about 363,000 men received Botox injections in 2011, about 8% more than in 2010.

And, there was a 5% increase in Botox usage by woman in 2011, compared to 2010. 

However, it’s not cheap to look younger.  Botox injections for the forehead typically cost over $350, while injections for the eyebrows run north of $600.  

New York cosmetologist Dendy Engleman, told Bloomberg TV that many men become accustomed to the treatment once they see its youthful effects.

Dr. Engleman also said that the male Wall Street crowd was her fastest growing client group.

Lastly, Engleman noted that most men are too paranoid to receive Botox, because they fear that someone might find out.

Watch the video below:

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