Woman Charged With Grand Theft For Stealing $1,225 of Botox Treatments

: The Botox Bandit has been busted. Florida police today arrested Kellie Thomas, 23, for grand theft after she allegedly received Botox treatments from a Port St. Lucie cosmetic surgeon earlier this month and then skipped out on her $1225 bill. Thomas, pictured in the below police photo, was nabbed a day after cops released before and after images snapped June 10 at the Porlaro Hair and Cosmetic Surgery centre. Those images triggered numerous calls from citizens who recognised Thomas, apparently the first perp ever charged with pulling a “dine and dash” on a Botox bill.

According to an arrest affidavit, Thomas, using the alias Ashley Parker, had Botox procedures on her “lower eyes” and left the cosmetic surgery office without paying (cops previously reported that the woman told a receptionist that she left her credit card in her car and would return with it to pay her bill). When cops arrested Thomas at her home today, she acknowledged receiving the Botox treatments and claimed that she “intended on paying the doctor later.” Following her bust, Thomas was booked into the St. Lucie County Jail.

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We hate to say this, but it doesn’t even look like Botox made much of a difference. Maybe it’s because Thomas is only 23!

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