Why Boston Market's CEO puts a silly nickname on his business cards

George Michel Boston MarketCourtesy of Boston MarketThe Big Chicken bagging pie for a customer on Thanksgiving.

Boston Market CEO George Michel likes to keep things lighthearted and fun at his fast-casual restaurant chain.

Just take a look at his business card, which reads: “George E. Michel: The Big Chicken.”

Named chief executive officer in 2010, Michel decided he did not want to be referred to as “the CEO.”

“I wanted to be able to break the ice with our employees when I walked in and introduced myself,” Michel tells Business Insider. “One day I came up with ‘The Big Chicken.’ I ran it by some people, it seemed like it resonated, and now I use it as my title.”

Michel says it’s important that his employees feel comfortable talking to him because he values their feedback. “When I go up and say, ‘Hi, I’m George the Big Chicken,’ I get a big laugh. I wouldn’t get the same response if I said, ‘Hi, I’m George the CEO,'” he explains.

Boston marketBusiness InsiderMichel’s business card.

His business card is not the only thing that sets him apart from the average CEO.

Each Thanksgiving — Boston Market’s “Super Bowl of the year” — Michel and his wife can be found bagging pies for customers. They don uniforms and spend all day working alongside employees in the chain’s New York City location on 10th Avenue.

“We have a lot of fun during that day interacting with the customers,” he says. “We also get to spend time with our employees and thank them for their hard work and commitment to the brand.”

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