Boston Dynamics' 'rollerblading kangaroo' Handle has some mindblowing new moves

Picture: Boston Dynamics/YouTube

Remember when we used to laugh at how robots on wheels will never take over the world because steps?

Say hello to Handle:

And as for going up:

Boston Dynamics just released the official footage of its new robot. The world was first introduced to Handle in early February, via some secondhand footage from a conference, filmed by venture capitalist Steve Jurvetson.

At the conference, Boston Dynamics founder Marc Raibert told the crowd that Handle was an experiment in making its earlier humanoid helper Atlas affordable.

“It can carry a reasonably heavy load on a small footprint and it’s basically an exercise in seeing if we can do something like the humanoid that has less degrees of freedom but eventually could be less expensive but still have significant capability,” he said.

Less degrees of freedom? Atlas can take a hit from an angry unemployed warehouse worker, but we’ve never footage of it heading right on up and over a table at a decent clip:

Amazing. Handle has a top speed of just over 14km/h and can travel 24km on a single battery charge.

Our favourite description so far comes from SlashGear, which labels it a “rollerblading kangaroo”.

There are plenty more wow moments in the full video:

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