Watch a creepy humanoid robot run and expertly jump over a log

Boston Dynamics/ YoutubeBoston Dynamics’ Atlas goes for a jog.
  • Boston Dynamics released a new video of their humanoid robot, Atlas, going for a jog.
  • The robot expertly negotiates uneven terrain and easily leaps over a log.
  • It will either blow your mind or terrify you, depending on what you think of robots.

Robotics company Boston Dynamics just released a new video of its robot, Atlas, going for a nice jog in what looks like a beautiful country estate – and it will either blow your mind or freak you out.

In the video, titled “Getting some air, Atlas?” our new robot overlord runs in a shockingly humanoid fashion, expertly negotiating uneven terrain. The robot even jumps clean over a log, demonstrating its dexterity.

Boston Dynamics released a video earlier this year of Atlas jumping through an obstacle course and performing a clean backflip.

Check out the video below:

And check out Atlas’s previous antics, including a backflip, here:

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