Video Of Boston Bombing Aftermath Shows How Emergency Services Responded In Moments After The Blast

Video showing the scene of the Boston marathon bombing immediately after the blasts has been combined with EMS radio traffic to give a better idea of how emergency personnel responded to the attack.

The video was produced by the Boston Globe using six minutes of video recorded by the Globe’s Steve Silva, synced with radio traffic from Brendan Kearney, the superintendent in chief of the Boston Emergency Medical Services.

The audio is of one channel used by Boston EMS. It is the channel for medical personal; police and fire-fighters are on a different channel.

While the video was produced for internal use by the Boston emergency services, it’s a fascinating glimpse into the response in the immediate aftermath of the bombing — the incredible swiftness of the organisation is remarkable (it took several minutes for most people in newsrooms to even work out what was going on). Within just a few seconds of the attack, first responders are saying clearly there are “two devices,” while at the 4:30 mark in the video another responder says there are 40 people injured.

You can read more analysis of the recording over at ยป

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