A Man Has To Pay $8,000 In Fines For Marching His Employee Through The Streets Wearing A Humiliating Sign

thief walkCremer marching Gilbert through the streets.

Photo: East News

Simon Cremer, the manager of a carpet fitting firm in the UK, has an unusual way of punishing employees.For example, when he discovered one of those employees, Mark Gilbert, had written out a cheque for $1,365 (£845) to himself, Cremer took a little inspiration from the old-fashioned courthouse perp-walk.

He frogmarched Gilbert through the streets of Essex and forced him to wear a sign around his neck that said: “THIEF. I Stole £845. Am on my way to the police station,” the Daily Mail reports.

Of course Cremer didn’t expect to be the one who got in trouble after he walked into that police station back in 2008; while Gilbert received a police cautionand nothing more, Cremer “was hauled before the courts accused of false imprisonment” faced years in jail.

Gilbert says that he wrote the cheque out to himself because he was owed wages that he wanted to use for a holiday, but his boss was yet to write the cheque.

Gilbert filed a civil claim against Cremer, who has been ordered to pony up $8,000 to compensate his ex-worker for the humiliation he caused. Plus he has to pay $13,000 in legal fees. Gilbert alleges that he “suffered trauma and distress and needed psychological help after the incident.”

Cremer told the Daily Mail,

I think it’s absolutely disgusting that he was even able to sue me after he had stolen from me to be honest. I don’t want to give him a penny after what he did, so it really sticks in my throat.  He stole from me yet he is the one who is walking away with the money. It makes me so angry.

After the frog-march incident back in ’08, via the Telegraph:

[H]e feared he was going to be killed as he was bundled into the back of a van. “They laid into me, they beat me, I was begging Simon to let me go to the police, they said they didn’t trust me and they had to tie me up. They were punching me and threatened me with various tools. They showed me the sign and made me say it out loud three times.”

He also said he’d been abused and taunted after photos of him being marched to the police station were published in the national media.

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