Boss To Secretary: "Sexual Harassment Is Nurtured Here"

This lawsuit includes what will become a “things not to say” line in many an upcoming sexual harassment prevention seminar.

A secretary has filed a sexual harassment and retaliation claim against Innomark Communications in federal court in Cincinnati.

Lisa Brazie claims the company’s president made a pass at her during a work-related trade show. The next day the president, Gary Boens allegedly told her, “Gary was a baddy boy.”

Brazie said that when she told a superior about the president’s behaviour, she was told, “[S]exual harassment is nurtured here.” No investigation was undertaken, the suit said.

If you are in charge of a company’s enforcement of sexual harassment policy, this story already sounds bad. It gets worse — the woman said she was later informed she was not permitted in the company building where the president’s offices were located. When she inquired as to why, she was told, “I can’t protect you.” 

She then filed a harassment claim with the proper state commission and claims management immediately took away her job responsibilities. 

There are, of course, two sides to every story, and we are sure Innomark will have much to say when it responds to the complaint. 

But employment attorneys everywhere will cringe when they read this filing. Sure, many complain about the forced PC-ness of offices these days — but if an employee comes to a superior with a tale of unwanted sexual advances and the line that someone was a “baddy boy,” someone should look into it, and fast. That is true even if the unwanted moves allegedly come from company president.

Because if you don’t, you end up court, with the unfortunate alleged facts spreading all over the Internet.

Courthouse News has additional information, and the complaint.

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