7 Signs Your Boss Is Trying To Make You Quit

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Getting fired comes with certain perks, like severance pay and even the opportunity for a lawsuit. Therefore savvy, or passive-aggressive, managers will try to get you to quit on your own.Cynthia Shapiro identifies some signs that this is happening (from Corporate Confidential: 50 Secrets Your Company Doesn’t Want You to Know—and What to Do About Them):

Danger sign 1: You’re feeling grossly ignored, overworked, underpaid, or set up to be unsuccessful.

Danger sign 2: Your boss doesn’t seem to like you or pay attention to you the way he does to others.

Danger sign 3: Your office is moved to an undesirable location or you are regularly given the assignments no one else wants.

Danger sign 4: You’re being given impossible tasks with unrealistic deadlines.

Danger sign 5: Your boss surprises you with a scathing performance review.

Danger sign 6: The company brings in someone to “help” you with your work and you find yourself training her in the nuances of your position and tasks.

Danger sign 7: Your company moves you from department to department so you never have a chance to complete anything.

What should you do? Start looking for your next job.

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