Now There’s A Swarovski-Encrusted Power Drill Just For Ladies


[credit provider=”The Rich Times”]

It is a tribute to the feminine movement that hardware makers such as Bosch who would not even have bothered with female clientele up until a few years ago are now going out of their way to woo them.Bosch has even condescended to bling out a drill machine with Swarovski crystals.

Its something that any male chauvinistic pig will hang himself after seeing, but the IXO drill still gets the job done. Its proof that the last male bastion has fallen and if this product works then expect a lot more blinged hardware at the local store.

The hand drill has been decorated with 470 Swarovski crystals which add absolutely nothing to the functionality, but gets the lady started on owning her tools.

If you are interested, this one is going to be a strictly limited edition of 2000 pieces since Bosch is not yet sure of the market demand. So you better hurry.

The Rich Times