This Is How Those Enormous, Crazy-Looking Displays At European Soccer Matches Get Made

borussia dortmund banner

Photo: YouTube

Elaborate, choreographed pregame displays are a staple of the European soccer experience.These “tifos” involve thousands of people, and hours of work.

Last week, Borussia Dortmund fans unveiled a gigantic skull before its 5-1 drubbing of Wolfsburg.

The fan group that constructed the banner made a “making of” video that shows how the banner was made and how it was unveiled before the game.

It shows you just how large these tifos are, and just how much work goes into creating one of the coolest spectacles in sports.

Dortmund fans lay out a gigantic blank tarp in a gym. Who knew they played basketball in Germany?

A tiny army of die-hards get cracking with boatloads of paint

At the stadium, more fans lay out a secondary banner that will go below the skull

As the banner starts to come together, the fans bring in a trampoline for some reason (top right corner)

Once one side dries, they flip around the entire thing and get back to work

You thought that one tarp was it? Nope, they lash together yet another enormous piece of white tarp

Game time! Here's the stand a few minute before kickoff

They start off with some garden-variety card stunts

Looks pretty cool, but just wait until they unleash the skull

Out it comes from the centre of the stand

Dramatic stuff as it's unfurled bit by bit

Boom, there it is in all its glory

Fine craftsmanship pays off, check out the detail

And there's the secondary banner that those guys were working on in the stadium. Skeleton hands!

And it worked, Dortmund pummelled Wolfsburg 5-1

Now see the whole making of video

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